medium: mixed media sculptures
material: brass, silver, gold

creative engines: Gen-AI, CAD

curating artist: Michael Sorkin




A testament to unbound creation.

Anom Artifacts collection seamlessly integrates human imagination, AI-aided design, and advanced digital manufacturing techniques rendering one-of-a-kind artifacts that push boundaries of skill and mind.


Handling Notes


Crafted to last for centuries, each Anom Artifact is designed to foster an individual experience, encouraging an open-minded exploration and interactive play. With regular practice, these sculptures can guide you toward states of serene tranquility and heightened focus, making them companions during moments of respite, or as sensory tools for mental clarity during work, meditation, or extended interstellar journeys.


The unique identity of each Anom Artifact is defined by its weight, patination, and structural anomalies — coveted features of its passage through time, shaped by environmental forces and utilization.

Warning: Anom Artifacts may pose a choking hazard. Always ensure they are kept out of reach of children under the age of 10.


Scope of Delivery

  • Anom Artifact
  • original artifact archive tag *
  • custom 100% organic felt underlay, white polyester thread
  • custom DIN EN ISO 9706 engraved metal-edged archival box
  • UV-reactive security label

* If lost, no copy will be available.

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